Thursday, March 10, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

{Awkward & Awesome}~everything on the list is a link~is the time we take to highlight the awkward things and awesome things that happened to us this week.  I actually think God loves our quirkiness just as much as He loves the beauty He created in each of us.  Let the humanity shine! 
  • I ordered {this dress} online for my brother's wedding.  The wrap part of it barely touched in the front.  "Runs true to size" was a big fat lie that made me feel big and fat.  Happy ending for the dress, though.  It starts its journey today to a new home with a (hopefully) more petite chica than me through the wonders of eBay!
  • I took my kids to the grocery store well after 8:00pm on Monday night.  As if that wasn't mom-guilt inducing enough (they cried and begged to go), Lexi decided to walk through the entire store with both arms wrapped around my upper left thigh.  And.I.let.her.  Because I didn't have to beg her to hold my hand and stay near the cart.
  • One of our amazing babysitters texted me to let me know we hadn't paid her for a night of babysitting in JANUARY!  oops.
  • Yes, I literally fumbled my coffee cup into my lap on the way to work.
  • I nearly fell back out of the commuter bus while trying to board one morning this week.  Apparently, mornings are not my thing.
  • Getting ready for the Rodeo in a cowboy boots and mini at the office.  Walking out of a forty story corporate office in that outfit downtown felt w-e-i-r-d.  I forgot to pack my paper bag to wear over my head until I got out of sight of my coworkers.
  • Lexi told me this morning, (and I quote), "When I was a baby, you were an old lady.  Now you're a BIG MAMA!"
  • I've got a crazy week planned.  I let my kids pick the menus for dinner.  I'm sorta kinda feeling like supermom... for the moment.'
  • I scored three shirts at EXPRESS for $6 each.  Yes, you can shake my hand.
  • Amazon Prime saves my entire life on a regular basis!
  • My LoseIt! App gave me a badge Wednesday morning.  I'm... um, proud?
  • My three Snapfish albums arrived Tuesday... and I like 'em!  After a little round and round with customer service because my LivingSocial deals weren't applying in my cart (urgh), they honored the three albums after the deal expired.  We call that mojo.
  • Top three texts received this week:  1. "It's a baby girl!"  2. "Thank u so much for the card!!  It got here on the perfect day!  I had a really rough day at work.  Love u!" 3. "I love you more than I love technology!!!"  (That's a lot coming from an Apple fanatic counting down the hours and minutes until iPad 2 releases.)
  • An article I wrote for a newsletter for my business unit was published, then requested to be published in a different unit's newsletter.
  • Rodeo Houston!  Enough said.

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  1. ahahahah I love Lexi! Her comment to you this morning was HILARIOUS.
    & I think we can all tell who the "I love you more than I love technology" text was from. LOL


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