Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Grievances Against Wednesday

Not be a Debbie Downer, but sometimes you just have to face what's bugging you so you can legitimately deal with it.  I've decided to not only face it but press charges on this stuff.  So, "stuff-that's-bugging-me", you have a court date starting now.  Swift justice is on the way.

Exhibit A:  Miles from Home
Maybe that's not the best description. Truly, I love my life here in Houston! The thing I would change is that I'd bring family closer to us. Honestly, I'm often jealous of my friends who have parents, siblings, and beyond close by.  Friends who are "like family" really do ease the ache, but right now, I'm missing them, too!

Exhibit B:  Tick Tock
4:30am alarm, I hate you.  Not being there when the kids get home from school, I'm sick of you, too.  Feeling like life is constantly on fast forward, please leave.  Busyness is such a warped badge of honor in our culture.  I'd like to turn my badge in and enjoy the simpler things more fully.

Exhibit C:  My Back is Out of Whack
So, I had X-rays of my spine and some nerve tests done this week.  It turns out I'm all messed up and that may explain the headaches and myriad of other symptoms I'm experiencing.  By "messed up", I mean the curve that is supposed to naturally occur in my neck is non-existent.  There are a couple of other kinks in other places, but the main concern is what's happening in my neck.  I need to deal with this pronto.  One of the things that is hindering me is the amount of time it could take to correct it.  It didn't get the way it is in a day, so it's gonna take some time to fix it!  That's less than easy to come by. see Exhibit B.

Exhibit D:  Mistreated, misplaced, misunderstood
I certainly don't mean to be dramatic... or emo... or whatever you kids are calling it these days.  My goal here is to be honest, peppered with a little vulnerability.  (And as I'm trying to write this, I'm finding that it is difficult!)  Without going into specifics, sometimes there's not much you can rightly do to be heard or understood.  People assume, others ignore, some even punish.  It's tiring and annoying.  I think I need about a million hugs and a good girlfriend chat.

Okay, "stuff-that's-bugging-me", the accusations are on the table.  It's over.  Your impact will be minimized with a healthy dose of gratefulness on my part.  Stay tuned.


  1. I love you sweet lady... such honesty is pure beauty

  2. I'm with you girl the time, the back, the family all of it;) let's get together soon;)))

  3. Wow, crazy about your neck/back! Do they want you to do physical therapy?

  4. Yeah, they do. But this dude is more than 20 minutes out of my way on the way home, so it's not happening there. Next step, looking into going to a guy from church who is on the way home. Winning.


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