Thursday, March 31, 2011

Awkward and Awesome


  • Some wonderfully awkward trampoline pictures for your viewing pleasure.
    I like how it looks like someone Photoshopped my jeans in this picture.  Also, I like that it looks like I'm definitely going to land on my bum when I come back down.

  • I can neither confirm nor deny that this is intended to be a toetouch.

    Beiber hair gone wild.

    • I was told by the doctor that I need to learn to sleep on my back.  Stomach sleeping is bad for my neck and the neck issues could be the root of this almost lifelong headache.  So, going to bed requires all this gear now.  I feel ridiculous every.single.time.
    I tell Jeremy that I might as well throw in some headgear for good measure.  Supposedly, six weeks later I will have completely repented and will be a reformed stomach sleeper!
    • In other health-related news, I had a minor freak out yesterday.  See I discovered a lump on my jawline near my wisdom tooth on Monday night.  It was little, like a pea.  Tuesday it had grown a little.  By Wednesday morning it was marble sized and my gland in my throat was hurting.  I decided it was time to see the doctor.  Enter google searches for "what the heck is wrong with me?" and all kinds of fear of the worst case scenarios.  My doc says it's an infected salivary gland (that's layman's terms.  I am layman, after all!) and we're hoping that some antibiotics will clear it up.  In the meantime, I look slightly like a chipmunk on my left side.  If the antibiotics fail, I'll have to see an ENT for something a bit more invasive.  Read: gross.
    • I was asked to speak at Career Day at school for a friend who teaches fifth grade.  I was honored, but we determined that it was a bad week for me to do it.  She's putting me on the list for next year.  I officially have a "cool" job.  She gave me points for being a girl, too.  I take what I can get!
    • I figured out how to subscribe to an online calendar on my iCal all by myself!  And had the priviledge of teaching my techie husband how it works.  (rare rare RARE occurance!)
    • This just made me super happy!  Holy notifications, Batman.  I got as many as I could squeeze on the screen.


    1. Danielle had the tennis ball trick too when she was pregnant and couldn't lay on her back. It was weakening B's lifeline. A trick I never knew about. Praying for your headache, and glands. :)

    2. How is the tennis ball sleeping going? Crazy about your salivary gland! Hope it clears with the antibiotics. (Google can definitely be a scary thing when looking up health problems! That's what has prompted my search for pet insurance...Max had some weird poop and when I Googled it there were all sorts of scary, serious problems that came up.) Congrats on having a cool career! :)


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