Thursday, March 24, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

  • I'm writing a blog this morning that happens to mention Flylady's expression, "Nothing says 'I love you' like clean underwear", when I get a text from Jeremy asking if Lexi has clean panties.  Ouch!
  • PG-13 Rating on this one-You were warned.  I was in the waiting room at the doctor's office when an older man walked up to the counter and apparently filled out some paperwork.  He turned it in to the receptionist and leaned over the counter and said (loudly enough for me to hear across the large waiting area, mind you!), "That column that says 'sex' right there (pointing to the paper), it should say, 'Yes and often!'"  He looked rather pleased with himself and got a few snickers from the others waiting, then hobbled himself to a chair.  Seriously, dude?  I imagined him getting the joke in a forwarded e-mail and planning how he would say it in the office.  Maybe that was wrong of me.
  • After trampolining with the kids for 20 minutes without breaks, I stopped jumping and my right foot completely seized up.  It looked like some kind of freakish bird claw!  I'm not sure what muscles contracted to make my middle toes completely extend and point the ends of my toes up and the rest of my toes down at the same time.  It finally quit after a good 20 minutes of stretching them back out.  Note to self:  that was not your most brilliant plan.

  •  Jeremy found clean panties.  (See Awkward #1)  Confirmed:  I DO love my children!
  • We had an amazing pasta dinner at Jack and Diana's house on Monday.  Everyone really enjoyed each other and quite possibly hit it off just as quickly as Diana and I did at RENEW.  We had to pull the guys apart from talking techie stuff.  Can't wait to have them over next time!
  • On Wednesday night Mary Beth & her mom, Martha Jackson's mom and Jackson's grandma taught Lexi's class.  The ENTIRE trip home she was talking about the stars and moon.  She asked for my iPhone and took photos and video of the sky while I drove.  She exclaimed how great the Rice Krispy Treats with the apples, stars, and moons that Jackson made were.  When we got home, we took a few minutes to go jump on the trampoline at night and she stopped us to check out the beautiful stars that God made.  I do love living with pretty much the levy and nothing else behind us because the lack of streetlights makes it easier to see the stars.  It was awesome to see her so excited about what she had learned at church:  "God made the stars and moon."  Yep.  I think she got it!
  • Justus won first place for the Invention Convention in his class for the "Reminderinator", a recordable device that installs in doors and verbally reminds you of whatever you need to remember as you open the door.  If I had one at home right now, it would be stuck on the door to the garage and say, "Don't forget to return Kelly and Ben's air mattress, honey!"  I'm just sayin.
  • Started actually decorating the powder room.  Cannot wait to have something to show you, but it's not there... yet.


  1. This is so cute, I totally have had the bird claw thing it's annoying;)

  2. Ahahahahaha that old man at the doctor's office! Oh my gosh! & YAY for Justus!!!!

    & Jack & Diana? yeah...they are pretty awesome! :)

  3. Yay for Justus!!! I think every home could use one of those....
    I'm a sucker for trampolines too, but learned the hard way that no matter how great or energetic I feel, jumping on them at 6 months pregnant is NOT a good idea.
    Too cute about Lexi. I can totally picture her doing that.

  4. Oh my goodness, Steph. What happened?!?

  5. I love part about the old man in the waiting room! So funny!
    Yay for Justus! Maybe one day he'll make millions with his good idea! :)
    Hopefully your foot won't do any more bird claw stuff after your surgery (assuming it's the same foot! ;) )


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