Friday, March 4, 2011

Linking Up: Getting to Know You!

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Jana, my newest blog friend, had the cutest post on "Getting to Know You".  I'm answering the her questions and linking up.  If you're a blogger, play along!  (Write a post answering these questions and link up.)

1. How do you stow your socks?
They are in a drawer in my closet.  Randomly, I decided to put socks in the middle drawer this time around.  I have no really good explanation for that, other than, I've never tried it before.  Now, having tested it out, I would prefer the bottom drawer because if I sit down to put my shoes on nearby, it's right there.
As for how they go into the drawer: tops folded over.
And I tie my hose/tights in a knot in the middle.

2. What thoughts and feelings come to mind when you think of "play"?
Going out to do something fun with people I enjoy.  Play is usually associated with some type of adventure for me.  And I usually come up with some unique adventures~as evidenced {here}, {here}, {here}, and {here}.

3. How does your family celebrate Christmas?
We have a lot of tradions!  We go to a Christmas Eve service at church and have {fondue} for Christmas Eve dinner.  After that, everyone staying at our house opens one gift, which is always pajamas.  In the morning, we get the cinnamon rolls going and then sit down together to read the Christmas story.  Then we all open our stocking gifts-of course, I usually kind of hang back to watch everyone open theirs.  Then we serve breakfast and come back to open the gifts under the tree.  Afterwards, we spend most of the day playing.  We usually fix something special for Christmas dinner, but it changes every year.  Pics {here}.

4. What are your weekend rituals?
Ritual?  Um... usually, social engagements galore.  About the only thing that happens consistently is Sunday morning.  Jeremy and Justus get up and head to church early.  Lexi and I wake up later and get ready together.  We do Bible Class and Worship Service, then grab some lunch out.

5. What wakes you up in the middle of the night?
Not much.  I am a heavy sleeper.  Unfortunately, I don't do enough of it!

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