Friday, December 31, 2010

If I get Christmas Day pictures posted before New Years Day, it still counts, right?

Our Christmas Day traditions always start out with Jeremy reading the Christmas story to the family before the day really gets started.

Justus with my Grandma

Reading the Christmas story
Bella is enjoying her new bed!

 After we read, we open stocking gifts.  I usually kinda sit back and watch... it always confuses everyone why I'm so slow opening mine.  :)

Polly Pockets!   Colored Pencils!

A Rapunzel Doll from Granny.  BLONDIE!

Halo Legos from Nana & Papa!

A Collection of Barbie Disney Princesses from Uncle Ryan & Aunt Jill & BK (baby Kearns)

I adore this kid!

A RipStik from cool Uncle Ryan & Aunt Jill & BK

My Handyman gave me a Keurig.  He knows me and loves me lots!  Not to mention the Christmas jammies I had to have... I literally woke up thinking, these are soooooo cozy!

 After we finished opening gifts, always a long endeavor, Jeremy pulled the kids aside....

"You guys remember the scene in A Christmas Story where Ralphie's dad asks him if he got everything he wanted for Christmas?"
"Did y'all get everything you wanted?"
"Well, I think we should go out in the backyard...
 Kids rapidly exit, stage right.

Awwwwwww, yeeeaaaaaahhhh!  Are you kidding me?!?

A trampoliiiiiiiiiinnnnnnneeee!

 Let the jumping begin!

They spent the whole day out there (and have pretty much spent every day since then out there)!  But,
they took a break when Rob doB and Whitney stopped by with Oliver, their new puppy.

Whitney, Lexi, and Oliver

Justus made Rob doB a sign out of his favorite medium, Duct Tape.  Rob's expression is priceless!

A door sign:  "Do Not Disturb.  I'm vicious!"

Money Oragami from Rob doB!  Cool!

About this time, I get a text message from Rob doB with a FedEx tracking link...

He gave no explanation.  This calendar he made from pics of and with our family came right on time!  Very thoughtful!

Lexi got Despicable Me.  The kids and I went to see it in the theatre with them this summer and laughed our heads off.  Hearing Lexi try to pronounce "despicable" is hysterical.  It's never the same twice!

Thank you, my Rob doB!

Rob's pretty excited about his gift... a Blu-Ray player.

 You had to know pause from the trampoline wouldn't last long...

 It was quite chilly out there, so we watched them from inside while we finished up Christmas Dinner.

My dad playing on his newest toy.  He upgraded to an iPhone 4.

But what is he doing?  Not straining his neck to watch the kids playing outside!  That's my dad!

After jumping, Rob came in and bear hugged Jeremy saying, "Thank you for the trampoline!  I love it!"

 Time for Christmas Dinner!  Dad brought a Standing Rib Roast... yum!  Also on the menu:  mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, and dinner rolls.  Simple and delish!

This is my gift from Grandma.  She gave me this large platter, along with 16 matching dinner plates... I love them!  They are so "me"!

It was a very merry Christmas, indeed!  We are so blessed!


  1. Looks like everyone had a great time! Great pictures!

  2. Love your pictures! Miss y'all! I won't post Christmas pics until at least mid Jan. Is that ok? Love you guys!

  3. Thanks, Kel!

    Ambre, in light of what Chuck (and, thereby, YOU!) are doing for our country, you have exemption this year! ;). Have fun with your family, but get your butt back here so we can finally hang out!

  4. Great pics, y'all are such a fun little family!


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