Friday, December 17, 2010

Warrior Dash Update

So, it's been a little while since this actually happened!  But I thought y'all might enjoy the pics of our Warrior Dash adventure in Bastrop, TX.  We got a away for a weekend for a just-for-fun {obstacle course race}.  The obstacles were mostly what I told you about with a couple of substitutions.  Regardless, it was "just hard enough" to be really fun!

You can thank Brightroom Photography for some action shots:

Pre-race tough warrior pose.  (It didn't come out intimidating. at. all.)
Pre-race tough warrior stare down.  (We're starting to get the hang of it.)
Muddy Warriors!  After this shot, we took a shower with about a 100 other people under a big old fire hose.  You would not believe the mud that came out of our clothes!
Jeremy enjoying our shared post-race turkey leg.  And by "shared" I mean, I ate one bite and decided I don't like turkey legs, after all!
I have no clue who this is, but she laid like this breathing hard through our entire lunch.  It struck me as pretty funny, so I captured my viewpoint.
Green Sneakers collected shoes after the race to provide affordable shoes to people around the world.

Philanthropic Warrior
Conclusion:  Oh yeah, we'd do it again!  But next time we're bringing our friends with us and making a day of the outdoor concert!

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