Sunday, December 12, 2010

Holiday Tour

I'm really enjoying the decor this year at work.  We chose some new colors and arrangements with our vendor.  I think it turned out rather beautiful!  I've also included a few shots from the holiday party I did this weekend.

Very very large wreath from under the Glass Globe at the rear entrance to our building.

Large tree in the first floor lobby.  I just love the deer!

Color scheme: golds, silvers, browns, and red

Three trees near my desk just outside of my elevator lobby

The decorated screens.  My desk is off to the right of these.

Twelve foot tree in the Living Area on my floor.  Gorgeous!

One of the large wreaths on Level 2.  I host a lot of events here.

One of the garland clusters around the Glass Globe

The large wreath I showed you from below the Glass Globe earlier.  This is a veiw from above.
And now for the party... baby grand they brought in for the cocktail reception

Fantastic door prize gift table
Dining area and dance floor on Level 2

We had over 400 guests


Food prep
Reception on Level 1

Hungry?  Good!

Ice sculpture oil rig seafood display

Sushi bar

Pasta station

Martini bar

Mini desserts tray

Desserts tower

I think they had a wonderful time!

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  1. Wow! It looks beautiful! Thanks for sharing. :)


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