Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Uninspiring Things

Hope you can appreciate some cloudy day humor.

Being ignored
I had to list it because it's my biggest pet peeve.  Ever.  Quick distinction, the unintentional "I'm-just-really-engrossed-in-what-I'm-paying-attention-to" kind is uninspiring.  I do, however, find the "TV eyes glazed over Zombie look" humorous and the "busy working on something else" endearing, but not inspiring.  The intentional kind is downright mean.

Waiting in line
I don't know what it is about lines... maybe it's the feeling that everyone else had the same idea I did at the same time that bugs me.  I want my originality!  I don't care if it's at the grocery store checkout or waiting for a roller coaster ride.  There is something uninspiring about everyone else waiting there, too.  This is probably why I often end up making friends with the people near me in line... it curbs boredom.
Piles of laundry
Need I say more, ladies?

The expression "sup?"
This is only slightly more inspiring than being ignored.  The intention here is what exactly?  To draw me out?  Am I really not worth the effort of forming an entire sentence?  I'm sure that'll get me talking... so yes, please try me!

An empty coffee pot
I don't require a lot, just one cup.  But I require that one cup!  Without it, I'm worthless and therefore, unispired.
  • Boring shoes
  • Completely burned out candles
  • Expectations
  • Losing seasons
  • Almost empty containers of my favorite toiletries
  • Alarm clocks
On a postive note, most of these have opposite things that are completely inspiring.  And that's where enjoying the little things comes in!


  1. funnyyyyyyy :) um. okay so I say "sup" ALLLLTHETIME. it's usually "sup gurrrrrrl" ...regardless, you might hate me now. had to confess. hope you're week is GRANDE!

  2. I could never hate you! And there's a big difference between "sup gurrrrl" and a plain ol' sup with an awkward pause where people just wait for you to say something as if whatever that was was the most profound conversation starter. Believe me, I definitely have an appreciation for slang words. I probably should have clarified that it was sup with the expectation that I will just carry the conversation for you from there. *steps off soapbox

    My week? Is grande-ly insane! The guys have Rudolph rehearsal every night this week and three performances this weekend. I have my largest party of the year (formal holiday party for 500+ guests) PLUS three other events during business hours. I think I'm beyond tired and pretty much holding my breath til Sunday. I'm fairly certain that a vacation day is in order for Monday. :) Have an awesome week too and btw, I'm excited about your new fitness blog.

  3. haha, these are so fun. I would probably add a sink and counter full of dirty dishes as one of my uninspiring things. And like you said, its amazing to me how inspiring the exact opposite of that is....


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