Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Insert [non-cheesy] Fondue Title Here

In lieu of calling this "Fondue: Hip to Dip" "Fondue Fever" or as suggested by Jeremy, "Fondues and Fon-dont's", I'm opting for nearly not naming this posting at all.

One of my favorite Christmas traditions that I've created for our family is our Christmas Eve Fondue Dinner.  I love doing this because everyone stays at the table for a while, which is just priceless.  We've been doing this one for five years (I think!?!)  And each year, I tweak the menu and the recipes.  This {Christmas Eve}, though.... even Lexi was saying, "This is wonderful!  Everything is wonderful!  All of you are very good at cooking!"  So, I decided to make sure that I get it written down.


Fondue Pot(s)
I have two.  This year, I used one for cheese and one for meat.

Fondue Skewers
This year, each person had two so they could cook the steak and dunk bread, too.

Be sure to cover it when it's not in use.  It evaporates!

Platter for Steak

Platter for Veggies

Small Bowls for Dipping Sauces

Small Chocolate Fondue Pot(s)

Tea Light Candle(s) for the Chocolate Fondue Pot(s)

We started earlier in the day by chopping the steak and veggies.  We also prepared the fondue broth in the crockpot.  Everything was covered and refrigerated until we left for our Christmas Eve Candlelight Service-which happens early in the evening, so this works out perfectly for us!
My guy can cook and I so appreciate that!
The first year we were married, we had some cheese fondue at my mom's house.  Unfortunately, Jeremy got sick the next day and the mere thought of cheese fondue has since caused his stomach to turn.  Maybe I shouldn't have done it, but I thought that, having refrained from the stuff for ten years.... maybe, just maybe we could try again.  So, I snuck in the recipe for {Parmesan Fondue}.  Luckily, he loved it!

I whipped this Parmesan Fondue up when we got home from church.

Served with some crusty French bread... delish!

 Jeremy tossed some zucchini, mushrooms, baby carrots, and red onions in a glass casserole dish with olive oil and basil, parsley, fresh ground garlic & sea salt, fresh ground pepper, and Mrs. Dash.  He also quartered some new potatoes in another casserole and tossed them with olive oil and roasted garlic & herb seasoning.  We put both pans in the oven on the delay start for 35 minutes at 375 degrees when we left for the Christmas Eve Candlelight Service.  They were just finishing up when we got home.  Perfect timing!  These could be dipped in the Parmesan Fondue or any of the sauces, if desired.
Roasted Potatoes
Roasted Vegetables

This was the basic recipe I used for the {Fondue Broth}.  I did add more wine and broth instead of the water.  It was quite flavorful and delicious.  I meant to put the crockpot on before church, but got distracted and forgot.  No worries, though, we just heated it on the stove before putting it in the fondue pot on the table.  Whew.. saved!

I nearly forgot the dipping sauces this year.  It's been a crazy month, in case I haven't mentioned that!  We threw open the refrigerator and used what was available:  Ranch dressing (a staple around here), Dijon Mustard, a homemade Polynesian sauce, and a homemade-on-the-spot barbeque sauce.

For dessert, we melted semisweet chocolate with heavy whipping cream and a little butter on the stove.  This was poured into the little chocolate fondue pots.  We put the little fondue pots on plates that had strawberries, bananas, angel food cake, marshmallows, and pretzels around them.  (Sorry, no photo of that amazingness!)  You can use other types of chocolate, but I think milk chocolate gets two sweet for my taste.  We didn't really go off of a recipe for our dessert, but if you like recipes (which I do!  Jeremy is the more adventurous one, in terms of tossing things together)... try one of {these}.

As always, it was a peaceful meal.  The perfect way to celebrate that one Silent Night!


  1. You know, other than my one experience at the "Melting Pot", I don't think I've ever had fondue....impressed you are able to create an entire meal out of it!


  2. We do fondue too! Although last year was such a pain that we just headed to Melting Pot this Christmas. = )

  3. Just spotted this on Paisley Passions. What a great tradition! I love fondue and have two pots but rarely make it. I try to make a chocolate fondue for dessert on Valentines day. You have inspired me to make it more this year. I have a couple great fondue/hot pot cookbooks waiting to be reread.


  4. Lynn, that makes me so happy to hear! I was so excited about how the menu came out this year, that I'm ready to do it again and have made plans to host friends before the month is over. Happy fondue-ing!


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