Sunday, December 5, 2010

Girls Day Out at The Nutcracker Ballet

Ballet is sort of a mystery to me. And I don't want to unravel that mystery. ~Robert Caro

We've been planning a special outing to The {Houston Ballet}'s presentation of The Nutcracker since September.  Yesterday, the day finally arrived!  Lexi and I got all dressed up for a Girls' Day Out.

We're soooooo excited!

Love you, Mommy!

Big brother got a "mean face" picture out of me.

We met our sweet friends, April and Chloe, at Cheesecake Factory for a delicious lunch.

Time to leave for the ballet!

The ballet was at the Wortham Center in downtown Houston.  If you're not familiar with The Nutcracker, {here} is a simple synopsis.  Did you know that The Nutcracker was first performed 118 years ago today?  And the first time it was performed, it was considered a complete failure!?!  I'm sure those critics and audiences wouldn't believe how it has come to be such a beloved ballet.  The entire performance was wonderful.  Lexi's favorite was the Sugar Plum Fairy!
Chloe and April-beautiful ladies!

"My dress is bugging my legs, Mommy."

Vicki Mouse signed Lexi's playbill and posed for a photo
Peeking out the window at The Aquarium... looks like fun!
Preferred transportation

What a truly magical day!

p.s.  Jeremy, they'll be performing The Sleeping Beauty in March... hint, hint.

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  1. Looks like you guys had a great time! You both looked so beautiful!!


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