Thursday, December 2, 2010

Stuff that matters and other stuff that doesn't matter much

We'll get the stuff that doesn't matter out of the way first
('cause it's still fun to talk about).

So, this was on my Amazon wish list as as suggested stocking stuffer idea.  Unfortunately for Jeremy, I'm impatient and bought it yesterday.  It's {OPI's "You Don't Know Jacques}" nail polish.  I'm apparently way late on {trying out this trend}, but the brown/grey shade is perfect for the weekend ahead because of it's flexibility.  Case in point:  I'm sporting some grey dress pants at work today with open toed (zebra print!) shoes, but TONIGHT I'l be wearing a chocolate brown silk cocktail dress for our Progressive Dinner.  Somehow it chameleons between the two.  Smart and sexy.  I like!
Being out sick for two days really makes life crazier.  101 emails.  33 missed calls on my personal line and nine new messages.  And an event today where everyone is putting in last minute requests.  Ah, good times!

Apparently, I'm notorious to Jeremy for constantly trying new recipes and rarely repeating them.  Maybe I'm picky, but not many make the list of repeatable recipes.  I tried one called Autumn Harvest Stew over Thanksgiving that won't make the repeatable list.  Unfortunatelly, I made such a large quantity that it's being repeated anyways.  It's not awful, but it's far from my favorite.  Believe me, there are certain leftovers that I can appreciate, but this one... How long do I have to eat this stuff?!?

I'm jealous of Meredith's sequin Santa hat.  I haven't seen it.  She tweeted about it this morning, though.  Leopard print would be just great, too.

I'm excited about our dinner tonight~soup and salad at my place!

And now for stuff that does matter.  (also known as what's been on my mind)

Second chances are amazing things!  I was given the opportunity to speak to the high schoolers last night.  They are doing a series where they preach the Gospel in language and pictures that make sense to our teens:  specifically using media to show the truth of Romans 1 (that the truth of God has been made plain to the world) and Psalm 24 (that everything in the world belongs to God).  So my theme was second chances.  People everyone have a built in desire for second chances.  We looked at two songs that deal with that idea:  "What I've Done" by Linkin Park and "Airplanes" by B.O.B.  Everybody can get the second chance they long for by making a decision for that second chance.  The Bible is full of people who were given second chances.  And I, for one, am seriously thankful that God gives second chances!  If you're interested in more about that, you can check out my notes {here}.

People's name's are really really really important.  Refusing to even try to learn someone's name is the same as saying, "you're not worth my time or energy."  I get that it might a hard skill.  We identify with our names so much, it's worth the effort to let your fellow man (or woman) know they are a valuable human being simply because they are!
This is a skill I have to constantly work on... my short term memory is great for names.  The long term gets me into trouble sometimes.  Plus, I have my work cut out for me... between my job (managing a Conference Center for 9,000 employees and contractors in downtown Houston, plus others globally) and Jeremy's job (youth and family minister at a local church of 1,500), both are new within the last two years.  I've got a couple of names and faces to learn.

Seriously craving some mama time with my kiddos!  Justus got his {album} in the mail this week.  He was thrilled!  Cannot wait to take Lexi to The Nutcracker with our girlfriends, April and Chloe, this weekend!

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