Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ultimate Girls Weekend

I was reminded this past weekend of what a blessing it is to have healthy girlfriend relationships and I have many!  Jeremy very sweetly gave me pretty much the entire weekend "off", except for being there for him for the small groups campaign launch on Sunday morning.  He is amazing.  Simply amazing.

Girls Night Out
Every other week, "Thursday is the new Friday" (when I have Friday off), so my weekend started early with some girlfriends from work.  Virginia and I have a standing date for a local event called Girls' Night Out.  We added some friends because the more the merrier!  We declared this year's theme Glitter Night and enjoyed some sushi, girl talk, and shopping.

Girls Weekend at the Lakehouse
Photo by Meredith
I got a call from {Martha} on Thursday, as I was getting ready for Girls Night Out, with an invitation to sneak off to the lakehouse in Austin on Friday for the weekend.  I simply adore these girls and could not pass up the opportunity!  We did a little outlet mall shopping and stopped for dinner on the way.  Most of the weekend was filled with uninterrupted girl talk, including a lovely and relaxing trip to Starbucks on Saturday morning.  I'm so glad I went even though I had to sneak back to Houston early.
I love this door!  Not only is it beautiful, but lots of
peaceful, happy moments have happened behind it!

Stunning view of Lake Travis from the Lakehouse!

Look how peaceful.

Girls Night In
So, I hustled back from Austin to join a few girls at {Christie's} house for a craft, snack, and movie night.  Don't worry, it too was rounded out with plenty of girl talk.  I was the last to arrive and they were waiting to see what I was wearing... I wish I had taken a picture because all four of us were dressed in purple.  How about that?!?  A theme night without even planning it!  I showed y'all what I made earlier, but just in case you missed it... {flower power}.

Sunday evening was rounded off with a course I'm taking at church.  I absolutely love it!  It's designed for young working women.  Each week I have come feeling a little wound up and a lot overwhelmed because of my myriad of responsibility and activity.  We come in our comfy clothes because we start with a yoga class.  Taking a little time to stretch and strengthen and focus my thoughts on God during yoga helps to slow me down for the evening.  Following that, some of the ladies give us cooking lessons, which have been great.  I've picked up some great tips and suggestions.  They show us how to prepare the dinner and dessert they are making for us to eat.    After that, different ladies take turns giving bible/life lessons-timely messages that have made me think!  Then it's dinner time with beautifully decorated tables and tips about homekeeping.  We finish each evening with some one-on-one prayer time with a mentor.  I've been doubly-blessed because I've been able to spend time with my mentor and a substitute mentor.  Both ladies are precious and it's meant so much to me to have them take an interest in me.  Janie has thoughtfully brought me something to read each time I've met with her.  And Diana has been super sweet and gone above and beyond as a subsitute mentor for me.  It's been precious to chat and pray with both of them.  Each Sunday night I've gone home feeling relaxed, refreshed, and ready to take on the week.

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Also, don't forget to vote!
My brother is getting married April 2 in Savannah, GA.  It's an evening wedding, adults only.  I'll be attending with my sister.  Both of these fun frocks are on their way to my house.  They were on a major sale that I couldn't pass up.  Cast your vote on the right column.

Luxe Lamina Dress
The seemingly abstract print on this lovely wrap dress is actually a menagerie of detailed black leaves, arranged in an elaborately elegant pattern over the body. Ruffles along the armholes and wrap front add a delicately feminine touch.

On the Spiral Stair Dress
Elaborately pleated, deep V-neck collar accentuates her torso, while the cummerbund-like waistband, finished off with a silver bow, adds a demure touch of girlish charm. Like that of a pencil skirt, the straight lines of her dress create a flattering shape.

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  1. Wow! Definitely a busy girl's weekend! The lakehouse looked beautiful!


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