Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Flower Power

One part of my {Ultimate Girls' Weekend} was hanging out at {Christie's} house with her, Liz (her sis) and Holly.  We made flower accessories, snacked, chatted and watched a movie together.
So, here's what I made!

How to links on most of the flowers can be found {here}.  I wore it to church over a simple t-shirt.
Below is a collection of pictures of the shirts/sweaters that I used to make my necklace.  I couldn't find a pic of me in the Slinky T-shirt that became the light pink daisy.  It was kind of cool to take these shirts that I don't wear anymore and give them a new life as a funky necklace.

Top Left:  Hooded "triple layer" t-shirt-my 31st birthday party, which featured a Guitar Hero tournament.  Top Right:  Magenta baby doll T-this is me in the Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico airport doing a little tile surfing  Bottom Left:  Hot Pink EXPRESS cowl neck tank-Paige took this at our old church for her photography class project  Bottom Right:  Cropped Coral short-sleeved cardigan sweater from Target-backyard barbeque at my old house. 

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  1. Dana this is soooo pretty. Let me know when u want to sell some I would LOVE to buy one, Im not crafty at all.

  2. dude. love it. so fun and so pretty!! :)

  3. I found your blog! I totally thought that was a part of your shirt the other night. So cute! How did your meeting go today?

  4. Not sure if you'll see this, Wendi! The meeting went well. My boss was on board and very receptive. Thanks for asking!


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