Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Daytimer: Lucky We're in Love in Every Way

Valentine's T's finished and ready to surpise my little Valentines when they wake up!

Baking batch number (!?!) of {Stained Glass Cookies}

Jeremy rolls over and says, "Hey, last week, I thought I'd be all cool and have flowers delivered to you at your office today... but since you took the day off, I guess you'll be getting them tomorrow."
sweet.  thoughtful.  didn't procrastinate.  win.

I've had my coffee.  First things first, you know.  Time for a quick model pose of their new Valentines T's

 ...and time for a little brotherly & sisterly love

Taking Lexi to preschool.  She and Payton are ready to get the day started!

Target frustration.  I'm a little over-tired and not finding all of what I came for.

Quick trip home to finish up Lexi's teachers' Valentines.

Back to Lexi's classroom for her Valentine's Party

 mmm cupcake
 Funny sweet friends

I love this baby girl so much!

Finishing up more Valentines at home

The Stained Glass Cookies are packaged and ready to roll

I pause to admire this little project I did earlier.  Lovin' it!  My grandma used to say this to me all the time when I was little.

Waiting on Jeremy to give him his Valentine, our {Love Story}
 He's gonna put it in his office.  awwww.

Arriving in Justus' classroom for his fourth grade Valentine's Party

Justus' school buddies

He adores his homeroom teacher!

My guys

Back at Lexi's preschool to pick her up

We arrive at Chick Fil A for a little Mama/Kiddo Valentine's Party
yes, this is party #3, but who is counting?
 Play time with our precious friends

The kids finish up a with Valentine exchange... everybody goes home with some sweet and fun treats!

Paige, our awesome babysitter/summertime nanny, arrives to watch the kids for the evening

Grabbing a quick dinner of tacos with my Handyman at 100% Taquito.  Adore that place!

Arriving at our seminar (marking off 1 of 2 on my {50 Things} list)... late cause of traffic.

Jeremy drives my car over the curb.  I tease him a bit.  We are talking about what we learned the whole way back.

HEB trip.  After all, I'm planning on putting Beef Burgandy in the crockpot for tomorrow's dinner.

Home again and ready to C-R-A-S-H with my Valentine.  It's been a busy day, full of love and loved ones!


  1. Love it! Looks like you all had a great day!

  2. Dana...seriously! You need to SLEEP sometimes!!! What a busy, busy day. I know your family knows you love them. You rock!

  3. A day keeping up with the family can be more exhausting than going to work!

  4. I'm exhausted just reading about your day. Whoa! You are supermom! Anyways, your ruffled heart shirt is adorable with her matching hair ribbons. You did a great job!


  5. This was, by no means, "normal" for me. It was, however, jam-packed with the good stuff, so I had to capture all of it!


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