Sunday, March 6, 2011

Let the Rodeo Fun Begin!

Sometimes I wake up with a mission.  This particular Saturday, it was a mission for fun.  I was somehow reminded that the Rodeo Parade was happening downtown in just over an hour.  Everyone else was still in their pajamas.  I called a family meeting, majority ruled.  We were going to the parade.

We parked and found our spot just as the last runners of the Rodeo Run passed by us.  (I've done that run a couple of times.  It's a good one!)
Lexi patriotically waiting for the parade to begin.

Justus voted in opposition to going to the parade.  He demonstated his unhappiness with the whole trip the whole time.  Maybe I'm wrong for documenting this, but sometimes life with a nine-year old looks like this.  You can't win them all.
Vantage point

We saw lots and lots of horses.  Lexi loves horses!

What parade is complete without a fire truck?

We had a great impromptu time!  I felt super lucky to run into a guy selling half price Rodeo Carnival packs the day after the online deadline to buy, so grabbed my checkbook and now I'm set with my two.  We ran through ChickFilA (imagine!) and hurried back so Lexi and I could catch a {movie with friends}.


  1. Personally, I love the photo of Justus....and I am adjusting to a 14, 12 almost 11 and 8 yr old here......whew....I love them to bits but man do hormones make them crazy! :/

  2. Looks like a fun impromtu family time...even with an unhappy Justus! :) You'll be having lots of Rodeo fun this week!


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