Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Family Bowling Night: Picturebook Edition


Bowling with a little encouragement from Daddy.  Cheering for that ball.  Celebration dance!
That's right, folks, that's a 2mph STRIKE!
He's getting to be so grown up.
We ordered a bunch of appetizers for a fun little dinner right at our lane.
Happy big brother and little sister
Guys. Bein' chill.
Girls.  Bein' silly.
 I {heart} being his mama.
The whole gang.  a.k.a. my favs!
Waiting for our car at the valet.... bowling with valet parking.  Classy!
 Sweet boy.  I just love his laugh!
Funny girl.  Her sweet spirit just lights up a room!
Love, ~me

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  1. It looks like a great time! I've never been bowling before where you can see the speed of the ball...pretty cool!


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