Wednesday, March 23, 2011


This is a must-have-chocolate kind of day.

I walked into work at 6:30am this morning and hit the ground running.  We had some final set ups to do for the Women's Network Global Summit-rearranging, unpacking and putting out tablecloths, setting up A/V equipment.  Let's just say the blazer came off pretty early this morning and I was glad I had on a sleeveless top.  By the time I finally sat down at my desk after 8:00am, I'd felt like I'd had a pretty good workout, in heels, no less!

Got all my meetings confirmed for next week.

I had a very productive meeting with the global head of video conferencing.  I'm excited about the opportunities to be involved in improving our processes here!

Squeezed in a healthy lunch.

Had a little chat to update the status of another Event Planning Process project I'm working on... more good stuff.

It's been a crazy-busy-stressful-good kind of day and that's why I NEED chocolate.

Lucky for me, Jeff brought me some chocolate covered pretzels.
(And more good news is my blood pressure is lower than it was yesterday and the day before!  I know this because they put in a machine on my floor.)

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  1. Mmm...chocolate covered pretzels sound/look yummy! It sounds like they were much deserved too! :)


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