Saturday, March 19, 2011

The One Where I Got the Whole Family to Run a Race

Justus' elementary school hosted a race as a fundraiser at the beginning of March.  They had something for everyone, so Team Williams signed up!

Go Team Williams!!!

I was re-doing Lexi's ponytail when Clutch of the Rockets came over to help with her hair.  He snuck up behind her, so she was pretty surprised when she realized who's big paws those were!

Getting ready for her first race.  It was surely cold!  They had someone in a bunny suit there for the spring theme.  So I told Lexi to catch the bunny...

Lexi gave it everything she had in the Toddler Dash

Justus was cruisin' in the One Mile Fun Run.  They left in waves by grade.  My little fourth grader was pretty proud of himself for passing some of the fifth graders.

Jeremy followed right behind Justus in the mile.

Crossing the finish line in the 5K.

Lexi kept telling us she got a "gold" medal!

I'm so proud of these two!

The family that runs together...
has lots of fun together!

We had a great time for a great cause!  It was fun to do something that makes an impact so close to home.


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