Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spotlight Saturday: Renae

In case you missed it, what's {Spotlight Saturday} ?

Meet my beautiful friend, Renae.
This picture says "Renae" all over it.  The only thing missing is her absolutely gorgeous red hair!

Renae and I met in junior high.  She has a very kind spirit, a fantastic sense of humor, and the most infectious and adorable laugh.  She's real, but always positive.  We spent many Friday nights with our group of girlfriends having weekly sleepovers and being really really really silly girls.

Here is a pic of us with our friend, Melanie, at a high school dance.
Yes, we went to a dance called "The Golden Cow".  Don't judge.

If I could sum up what inspires me most about Renae, it would be her endless creativity.  She's a creative machine!  She's been working on a photography project since last summer.  Each month has been assigned a color and Renae takes a photo a day of something that color.  So, last July, she started with red.  Here are four of my favorites from the collection:
Photos courtesy of Renae Denbow
Hang tight.  I'm going to show you some more of her work.

Remember {this}?  Renae made me this super cute craft apron!
It's so cute.  My favorite color, too.  I love it!

So, I absolutely adore this picture.  You see, Renae married James.  I met James in third grade and he happened to be my third grade crush.  (I think it's safe to tell that this far after the fact.)  I think they are perfect for each other and they made three of the cutest babies in the world.   See?
This just makes my heart super happy.
Like the bubbling-up-kind-of-happy.

When I was trying to find that pic from high school to scan, I came across a letter Renae wrote me our freshman year of college.  She was writing me about all that was going on with her her first semester of college... and began telling me what God was doing in her life.  I thought this was the sweetest ever!

I haven't seen Renae in real life in a hundred years, almost.  I miss her, but thanks to the wonders of Facebook we can still be kinda involved with each other though miles and years have separated us.  She has a heart of gold.  Her faith is very central in her life and always has been.  Even when life hands her something bad, she's always looking for the good and the growth in it.  That is a golden quality.

I'll leave you with a look at more of her colors project.  Each row comes from my favorites of each month's color.  If you're interested in more of her art, you can check out her website {here}.
Photos courtesy of Renae Denbow
Row by row:
Grey March
Pink February
Blue January
White December
Photo courtesy of Renae Denbow

Row by row:

Brown November
Orange October
Green September
Yellow August

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  1. Her pictures are very creative! I love her family picture too...very cute!


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