Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Take that. Rewind it back to January 23. National Pie Day.

We celebrated National Pie Day in the Heights at the Gallery M Squared.  Lest you think this is some long-standing Williams tradition.  It's not.  But, if you know me, I'm always up for something new!
There was a long line at {Pie Day}, so there may or may not have been an excessive amount of silliness while we waited.  Justus' buddy, Sam, joined us on the excursion.
So did Danielle and baby B (and her mom, Jana, too!)
Jeremy & B
 Lexi Lu dancing and twirling to the music with Daddy
 Plaid Convention.  President Jeremy Williams is now presiding.
 I have no explanation for this.  She's goofy.

So, lunch was pie lunch from {Oh My Pocket Pies}.  Basically, imagine a little pot pie wrapped up like an {empanada}.  It's a yummy little package of fried goodness.
Blue Bell on a stick.  Yuuummmmm.
(say that Red Robin commercial style for effect)

Remember the {Mmm Cupcake Truck}?  Well, they were there and Jeremy was soooo looking forward to a cupcake.  But let me tell you, that truck has become so wildly popular that it is nearly impossible to get our hands on some of those delicious treats!  They had run out.  again.  Don't feel too sorry for us, though, there are two vouchers sitting in my car for free cupcakes.  And they had dessert pies at Pie Day, too!
 What would a Pie Day be without a Pie-eating contest? 
This girl was my pick.  Plus, if you can make plaid, pigtails, and cherry pie smeared all over your face look this cute, you deserve to win something!
Happy Pie Day (a little late)! ~from The Williams

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