Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wedding Madness {Part 2}


You can find Wedding Madness {Part1}:  THE ONE WHERE TEAM WEDDING MADNESS IS WINNING {here}

We braved the gravel of the {Roundhouse Railroad Museum} in our stillettos.  If I had known I should wear hiking boots, I may have considered it, but I survived the uneven terrain all in the name of "fashion".

Meet "fashion" - she boasts a 4 1/2" heel on a 1" platform in a red patent leather.
I guess it's worth it, otherwise we wouldn't do that to ourselves.

So, as I told you in {Part 1} , Team Wedding Maddness was winning and the winning continued when everything went as planned and we were able to get ready and arrive at the ceremony early.  Yes, you heard me right, Jill and I arrived together.early. for something.  My dad marked it down on his calendar.  And this day will go into the history books, not only as the day my brother married beautiful Brandi, but also as the day we arrived early.  I think there was singing in heaven on both counts.

Enough with the sarcasm.  On with the ceremony.

The Roundhouse Railroad Museum was a simply stunning venue.  Brandi entered through these huge doors.  The doors added just the proper amount of drama to our first glimpse of the bride.

And by first glimpse, I mean, literally, my first time EVER.  I mean, we were Facebook friends almost the moment they were engaged, but we hadn't met face-to-face yet.  My sister, Jill, is not Facebook friends with anyone she hasn't met in person (except for one, and it's totally my fault!)  I was excited to meet Brandi.

And look how pretty!

The ceremony was very short and very very sweet.  The vows they exchanged were so beautiful in their simplicity.  They literally made me cry.  (Which, by the way, the rental car agent in Atlanta assured me that I would cry during the ceremony.  He also told Jill she needed to behave and pretty much not give me a difficult time.  Funny dude.  But he was right.)  I did cry.

Notice the train shed as the backdrop...
and you can't really see them here, but the yellow wildflowers behind the fountain.

The Kiss.

I absolutely adore how Brandi is looking at my brother in this pic.  Sweetest thing ever.  P.S.  I liked her instantly.

Yup.  Man and wife!

Okay.  Freeze for a second.  I need to explain the next photo.  Let's go back about two years, to my sister's wedding...
This was when I first heard about Brandi.  Mike was positively gushing about how great she is!  I asked how they met each other.  It was St. Patrick's Day and Brandi's friends dragged her to go out with them to The Warehouse Bar, where Mike works.  She saw him holding up someone for a photo and decided to get him to take a pic of him holding her.  This is the moment they met...
Lucky for them, the camera wasn't working so they got to stay like this and chat for a bit.  Apparently, they hit it off well enough to make a date!  Is that not the cutest thing you've ever seen?

I think it's adorable.

So, the minute we met her, I insisted we get a photo, too.  Might as well!
Nobody picked anyone up, but she laughed.  And I think she appreciated the gesture.

  I was absolutely dying to get this picture.  You see, it's been YEARS since all four of us kids have been in the same room at the same time!  Makes me so happy that I was able to get one.

Mike, Dana, Jill, Matt

 All of us kids with our Dad-dad-dadio.


My brother, Matt, is getting married next year.  This is Karina, his fiance.  She's fun!

Matt is going to make an album of people taking pictures.  This should be his "About the Author" photo.

My lil' bro, Matty


Matt & Karina

Dad & me at the train shed.  To your left is a working train turntable.  Maybe I should take this opportunity to mention how much my brother loves trains...

We all walked out to where the Old Town Trolley waited to take us on a tour of Savannah, while the bride and groom took photos.

I had to "check in".  It's practically a requirement.

The tour of Savannah was amazing.  Huge live oak trees, beautiful buildings, all kinds of history, amazing parks... it definitely whet my appetite to come back and do some more exploring!

Famous spot where Forrest Gump sat on the bench and told the world, "Life is like a box of chocolates..."

 Of course, we saw a ton more places, but you'll have to visit to see for yourself.

We arrived at the reception, which was upstairs in The Olde Pink House in a ballroom, a fireside room, and a balcony.  It was there that I met Jen.  Now, I've met Jen before, a while ago, but I think only once.  And it took a trip to Savannah, GA to find out that we are practically neighbors, like we-probably-shop-at-the-same-HEB kind of neighbors!  She's super sweet.  It made me happy and maybe we'll hang out in the great state of Texas sometime.

 Not a great pic of the centerpieces... I definitely didn't do them justice.  But do notice the disposable cameras.  We made everyone at our table take a {"myspace photo"-see ecnu's answer} of themselves.  Maybe I can get those from Mike and Brandi for your viewing enjoyment one day.

First dance.

Champagne Clouds to toast the happy couple.

I asked our server how we were supposed to drink them.  He said the chef practiced and NOT to put the cotton candy in the champagne, cause it causes a reaction.  And instead to take a bite of candy, then a sip, rinse and repeat.  I tried that once.
Then I followed the crowd who mixed theirs into a foaming blue concocation.  I guess some kinds of peer pressure never hurt anyone.

Mike and his best friend/best man, Jimmy doing their classic pose.  How many of this type of photo of these guys exist in the world?  Countless, I assure you.

My dad.  He's the best.  The end. 

Apparently, singing "Livin' on a Prayer" at the top of our lungs is a favorite past time.  See exhibits A and B:

B is from a different occasion.  Please ignore the candied apple "microphone" props.  Okay.  Now you can't ignore them.  Just politely smile.  That'd be fine.

My dad and bros.

Brandi and Mike cutting the cake.  Ah, the cake...
was unbelievable.  Every layer of the three layers was a different flavor.  In my piece there was butter pecan, rum, and chocolate.  To.die.for.  I'm told another layer had lemon and blueberry and something else.  Wow!

And just so you're aware of my ridiculous sweet tooth, they were making pralines outside on the balcony.  They were incredible, too.

As you can tell, we had an absolute blast!

But this story is far from over.  After we had our cake and danced a little more of it off, it was time to head back.  By back, I don't mean a hotel room, I mean H-O-M-E.  And that's where the real peril comes in... join us next time for Wedding Madness {Part 3}:  THE ONE WITH ALL THE PERIL AND TRAUMA!


  1. Loved everything about this post your family, Forrest Gump, the train, your shoes,your dress, Bon jovi;))))) awesome!!!

  2. PS - did you try that candied apple? It was REALLY REALLY REALLY good!

  3. Oh my goodness, yes! I gave it to Jeremy and the kids and asked them to save me one piece. Delish!

  4. You crack me up! Looking forward to part 3!


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