Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Don't Read This!

Don't read this if you're going to judge me.
Below you'll find my fears, confessions, shallowness and more.  Friends may proceed.
  • I want to punch Wednesday in the face.  When I woke up at 4:30, as I usually do on weekdays, I kinda felt sad that I knew I'd leave my house this morning and not be home until 8:30pm.  Wednesdays are my craziest days at work, followed by a doc appointment, followed by dinner at church with my fam and First Family, followed by our First Family meeting.  Most of those things are great, but they make Wednesdays a weekly marathon.  And it's hard.  This week, I'm particularly bitter towards this Wednesday because I haven't fully recovered from my weekend in Savannah.
  • Justus had perfect attendance his last nine weeks and because of that, the Astros reward students with perfect attendance with two free tickets to a baseball game.  We've discussed the game and that he could take his dad or me as a special time.  He's yet undecided on the matter, and don't tell anyone, but I hope he picks me!
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  • Can you believe he's going to be 10 years old this weekend???  Apparently, this means that I'm old enough to have a ten year old.  On second thought, let's not talk about that...
  • Do pearls and zebra stripes match?  It doesn't really matter at this point, because I'm wearing both together.  Maybe I should be more concerned about the fact that my toenails are still red from the weekend and my zebra print shoes have hot pink trim.
  • I'm completely freaked out about having foot surgery on Monday.  I have to have a bunionectomy.  I guess I should explain what that is.  Because of my awesome genetics, the bone in my foot that goes down to my big toe is angled outward.  Shoes and other factors cause my big toe to point inward to compensate.  So on my left foot, you've got something like this > going on.  It's not quite that prounounced, but you get the idea.  It complicates it and gets more painful because the little joint there where it turns into toe develops deposits and it rubs on shoes, so it is swollen and blistered on the side.  If that's TMI, skip to the next bullet point, cause I'm going to tell you how they fix it.  My doc will cut into the side of my foot and break the bone that leads to my big toe.  He's also going to remove the deposits on the side and put it all back together in a nice, neat straight line with a pin.  After that, there's some recovery time and in about four months I should be feeling a lot better (and more like running again!)
  • Recovery from that surgery...  This is actually the part I dread most (slightly more than the IV)!  I'll be on the couch for about a week, crutches for a couple of weeks, then in a surgical boot for six weeks.  Full recovery is expected to take four months.  Blech!
  • I have no flats (shoes) that I  This is a problem starting next week.
  • All I really want to do is go home and start nesting.  I want to throw open the windows, turn on the music and clean clean clean.  (But it's Wednesday-see above.)
  • I miss running.  Let me rephrase, I miss running and enjoying it.
  • I'm pretty stoked about catching the Houston Aeros one last time before the season ends.  Happy birthday, Justus!  (...and my dad is coming, so I get to see him two weekends in a row!)
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  1. You do have a busy Wednesday! Hang in there! I think zebra and pearls would look good together...but as I've told you, I don't know much about fashion! Try to think of your week on the couch as a needed mental vacation, and not because you'll have no choice because of your bum foot. :) It also sounds like you have some shoe shopping to do! I know I'll talk to you before Monday, but I'll say it anyway, good luck! :) The next four months will fly by!!


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