Sunday, April 17, 2011

(Gasp) *I* have a pre-teen!

We had his birthday party with friends on Friday night.  His requests were fairly simple.
  • Dominos Pizza
  • Homemade cake
  • Laser Tag
  • Sleepover
Totally do-able!  Even the Friday after I had surgery on Monday.

And especially with a husband like Jeremy who has been an absolute angel all week!  (He's pretty much an angel all the time... I'm lucky and very blessed.)

You saw the evite above.  I liked the design a lot for him.  It was a little more grown-up and this kid has grown up so much this year!  I decided to play off of the colors and style.  So I designed a cake topper...
and had Target print it on an edible cake topper.  It worked out really well and he was pretty facinated by the concept of edible paper!

The boys showed up at five o'clock and headed straight for the trampoline.  When everyone arrived, there was a chaotic tour of the house and a little playing until pizza arrived!

Ethan and Josh

Preston and Justus

Lexi (looking a little freaked out-don't worry, she had a blast!)


Here's how the cake turned out!

Happy birthday, birthday boy!

I think there were all kinds of things going on during "Happy Birthday to You".  I can't even begin to describe it, but I don't think we were all singing the same traditional song!

 Time for some gifts

For a boy who claims not to embarrass easily, this apparently did the trick.

Jeremy took the boys to play laser tag, while Lexi and I stayed home for a little girl time (not to mention a chance to prop my foot up!).  According to Jeremy's status update, on the way there:
"Just saw six 10 yr old boys fall in love with a blond in a blk GT Stang. She smiled, waved, & blew a kiss. Each claimed the kiss was theirs."

Here they are outside the Briefing Room, getting ready to play laser tag.

When they returned home, we let them choose a movie.
They picked Napoleon Dynamite.  (classic)
We popped popcorn and busted out the movie theatre candy boxes.
They demolished all of it and giggled away.

As for me, I'm pretty happy that 10 is not to old to sit next to your mama during the movie and snuggle up!
Random Funny Stuff:
  • Jonathon was very facinated with the house and the family photos. He also exclaimed that this was the "Best party ever!" about 10 minutes after arriving.
  • One of the boys told Justus, "You're just as funny as you are at school!"
  • Lexi referred to Ethan by his first and last names the entire evening. She claimed he was her favorite because he was so nice, which may have been something as simple as answering her after she changed in her room and came back to the gameroom and asked, "Do I look cute?"
  • The boys compared Laser Tag statistics the whole way back home.
  • Much to Justus' dismay, Jeremy picked caffiene-free Coke for the party.  Josh brought in the "good stuff", real Cokes, and a bunch of candy, which they snuck after bedtime.
And in the mornin', I'm makin' waffles!

 Which I did!  But not until after I had coffee to make sure my brain was functioning well enough to operate this machinery and Jeremy brought a stool in for me to sit on while I cranked those bad boys out.
Breakfast is served!
The boys headed home at 10 o'clock and we spent the rest of the day being lazy.


  1. Sounds like a great party! What a lucky 10 year old! ;)

  2. Looks like a great time was had by all!!!


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