Saturday, April 30, 2011

Spotlight Saturday: Marcia

Spotlight Saturday:  Marcia
In case you missed it, what's {Spotlight Saturday} ?

Meet my beautiful friend, Marcia
Photo by the amazing {Rachel Debell}!

Technically, you've already met Marcia {at her wedding}.
P.S.  Her husband, Matt, is precious and perfect for her.

I have a vague recollection of watching Napoleon Dynamite with Marcia the first time I met her when she came down to Houston to visit her cousin.  We happened to spend the same week in Mexico, while I was on a missions trip, and got to know each other better there.  Since then, we've become AIM Buddies and occassional Google Chatters.  Truly, Marcia has become a daily part of my life and one of my closest friends.

Marcia tells me the truth when I forget the truth.  I think that is a mark of a true friend.  Today, I told her about a situation that made me nervous.  She sweetly reminded me of who I am and that there really was nothing for me to fear.  It meant so much that I went back to her words later and it was just what I needed to keep going.
Marcia is dedicated to growing.  She's a learner.  Not only is was she an amazing student (she just got her masters!), she is always seeking to grow in understanding.  She asks questions.  She looks for opportunities to grow.  She looks for new ways to think about and approach all kinds of things life throws at her.  It encourages me to do the same!

She has a huge heart!  I know she's loved me at times in my life when I felt so unloveable.  She's so caring and compassionate.  Marcia's in social work.  I have no idea how she handles what she does on the job, but she loves those kids!  I know that they are blessed to have her serving them because she takes, very seriously, their well-being.

Once in a while Marcia just pops out with the most insightful thoughts.  To me, they seem random.  I have no idea where they come from, but they are amazing!  I assume that by the time I hear it, it's actually something she's been mulling over.  It's funny though, how I usually just get the end product.  And I'm usually.blown.away.
I got to take Marcia for her first mani/pedi (my sis joined us).

We randomly text each other pics of what we're working on or doing... my crafts, her berry garden, decorating, etc.  Last night it was a photo of a menu of a restaurant I was at with a girl friend.  I realized about 20 minutes after arriving that she'd been telling me about how great this place was.  I had no clue we had one here, so I sent a pic of the menu. 
It's nice not to have to explain why you're sending a random picture.  It's just accepted.

Celebrating her upcoming wedding with all her friends.

The only thing I'd change about our friendship is I'd have more face-to-face time!
Love ya, Marcia.  As you say, you "rock my world".

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  1. She sounds like a great person and friend. :)


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