Sunday, May 1, 2011

Christ the Lord is Risen Today! (Still applies, even though we celebrated a week ago...)

From {this recipe}.  The term "Easy Cake Pops" was misleading, but so delicious!

Time out for a quick Mommy and Me pic before church.
The whole family was decked out in shades of pink.  I was pretty bummed when we got to the end of the day without a family photo,but sometimes Sundays can be so hectic!  Jeremy heads in to work with Justus pretty early, so it's usually just us girls on Sunday mornings.

Lexi with classmate and friend, Haley, and her little sister, Holly.  Cutie girls!

Haley and Lexi

 Brother and sister and best friends forever!

Our tradition for the past several years has been to join the Guikemas for Easter lunch and an egg hunt for the kiddos.  Justus and Lexi were super-stoked about seeing their friends!  That's also where the cake pops were headed for dessert.

It's amazing how much they've all grown in a year!


  1. Mmm...the cake pops look yummy! I love the kids Easter outfits. So cute.

  2. The cake pops drew me, but your kid's pics are even sweeter. Thanks for sharing:)


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