Saturday, May 14, 2011

Spotlight Saturday: Meredith

Spotlight Saturday:  Meredith
In case you missed it, what's {Spotlight Saturday} ?

Meet my beautiful friend, Meredith

Not everyone has a photo of the day you met a good friend.
But I do!
Meredith and I met at a girls' night dinner at a favorite sushi place in Town Center.  She was expecting her second and soooo adorable!  You could barely tell she was pregnant; another friend had to mention it to me.

So what inspires me about Meredith?  She lives her entire life with passion.
The way I see it, that's a great thing!

Day after day, she lavishes her sweet little boys with love.  It's fun to watch.  She's an avid blogger, so we get a glimpse into how she makes the big things, as well as the little things, so special.  Whether it's a major celebration, like her current planning of baby's first birthday, or a walk around the block, it's an occasion.  And on a lot of levels, that resonates with me.  And honestly, her example is a lot of the inspiration for the ways I've been attempting to capture our family's special moments and share them with y'all.  But seriously, people, Meredith does it on a whole different level.

Exhibit A:
Matching outfits  Aren't they sweet?
Exhibit B:
This was for an impromptu party to celebrate the Mav's recent success this season with her guys...

Exhibit C:
This is what happens to entertain the boys when she doesn't feel good...
Exhibit D:
Matching T's she screenprinted to celebrate their grandpa's birthday...

not to mention all the ones that she screenprinted for her friends' kiddos for Thanksgiving Day...

And I think she's just precious.

Meredith's love for her family and friends simply overflows.  You hear her words of love for her little family every day.  She's also very quick to make sure her friends are loved in all kinds of ways:  gifts, words, hugs, time, and acts of service.  It is amazing!  I could go on and on with examples.  There truly are that many!  I, personally, am a T-I-M-E girl and a words girl (in that order).  Meredith is a gifts girl.  I have a blast doing things with Meredith and there's been a lot of days that Meredith has had some kind word to say to me that just meant so much.  I love how free she is to tell the ones she loves how she feels about them!  It really is inspiring to "say what you need to say" and not hold back.

She's so talented and creative.  You should check out {her blog} to see the amazing things she does.

Lately, I've had a huge crush on this Micah 6:8 wall hanging she made for the playroom.

If you'd rather get a snapshot of her and her amazing taste in fashion/decor/etc., check out {her pinterest} page!  And while you're at it, join and follow {me}.

As of late, one of the things I've loved doing with Mer is putting our crazy energy and creativity into blessing others.  Seems like we've just scratched the surface of what we could accomplish together and it's been super fun!

Apparently, we like to eat out together... (there's the T-I-M-E!)

Sometimes we bring our guys, too.

Love ya, Meredith!  I don't think I've ever told you how much you inspire me as a mom and a friend, but you really, really do.


  1. DITTO to all that sweet girl!!!! She's amazing in every way so glad to have met you both recently;)))))

  2. Love the pics with her boys...they are adorable!


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