Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Haute Time in the Old Town Tonight

We celebrated by attending the {Haute Wheels Houston Food Truck Festival} with our kiddos.  And in adventurous fashion, we started with dessert first at the {Mmm Cupcake Truck}.  It's a {family favorite}, in case you didn't know!

Lexi is a chocolate purist.  She gets it honestly.

After that, we went to {Angie's Cake}, looking for Angie.  She wasn't there yet, so we decided to come back later.  Meanwhile, I said in secret password fashion, "I'm the biggest loser," and got a Ginger Beer Cake Ball, which I shared with the whole family.  Nom nom!

We decided to split up for some lunch.  The boys went to wait at the {Katfish Kitchen} truck for some Catfish and Shrimp.  Lexi wanted a corn dog from {Good Dog}, so we headed over there.  We waited for quite a while and Jeremy and Justus joined us while we waited a bit more, but the food was really yummy!

After that, it was my turn.  I wanted to try {HtownstrEATS}.   Another long line....

but Justus and Lexi were super sweet while they waited.

I ordered the Montechristo Balls and a Fried Avacado Taco.  The Montechristo Balls were unique and pretty good.  The Fried Avacado Taco is seriously crave-worthy.  I'm honestly not sure that I've stopped thinking about it!

Justus spotted the Bubble Runners on the way in to the festival and really, really wanted to try them.

Here is a video of that chaos.

 Check them out and support local small businesses!


  1. hey lady... the link for H-town strEATS takes you to the Dog town facebook page. fyi.

  2. Sara,
    Thanks! I appreciate the heads up. They were all messed up... but there's more than one way to skin a cat, as they say!

  3. Looks like a great way to spend your anniversary! I'm sure the kids had a blast too! That Fried Avacado Taco sounds delicious!!!

  4. I wanted to go to that! Sad I missed it. I'll have to check out those trucks another time. :)


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