Friday, May 20, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

  • It's my birthday.  Can we just forget for a moment how often I find myself clutzy, socially ridiculous, and completely goofy?  K.Thx.
  • Saw the doctor yesterday morning about my foot.  The break in my big toe still has some healing to do.  The bone in my foot is almost completely healed.  Doc knocked one month off of my recovery time.  I should be able to run and wear heels again at three months!  That's six and a half more weeks. Woot!
  • Tuesday, I was lamenting to my sister about my "lame birthday" coming up.  She checked on plane tickets from Chicago for this weekend and quickly decided against it when she found out it was $800.  Yesterday, on a whim, I checked the fares and they had gone down by lots more than half.  So, I texted her and guess who is coming tomorrow?  And I get to FINALLY {meet my nephew}!
  • Last weekend was {Rob doB and Whitney's wedding}.  It was completely ah-mazing!  I cannot wait to tell you all about it!  I danced like crazy (yes, on my bum foot!), had a blast, and made some super fun new friends!  More on all that later.  Promise.
  • We celebrated our {twelfth anniversary} last Sunday.  We're going for thirteen!
~shamelessly stole that line from Marcia~
  • Justus has his Economics Market at school today.  He's been working hard on the project.  He created a prototype, designed an advertisement, and turned in an expense report.  The students were given the opportunity to earn money for the market through good citizenship and participation in class.  Today, he has 10 duct tape wallets to sell.  I'm so proud of him and hope he sells out of wallets!
  • After many awkward moments of the magnetic strip on my debit card being worn out (but we're not talking about that today!), I finally ordered a new card with our family picture on it.  It's so cute.  It makes me smile every time I pay for something.  On second thought, that may not be such an awesome thing!
  • This camera bag is en route to my home as a birthday gift from my hubby and in-laws.  Yay!



  1. LOVE the bag!!! And btw, I forgot to thank you for my card. It made my day and the kids LOVED it! They still laugh when they say "Wazoo". Hee Hee :)

  2. Cute bag! Sounds like you have lots of awesome things going on! :)


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