Saturday, May 7, 2011

Glam, Goals and Going out!

Sneak peak of my dress for Rob doB and Whitney's wedding next Saturday...
Ordered yesterday.  Cannot wait!

(Not excited about wearing flats with it, but I'm not even four weeks out from surgery yet.  Three more months to go!)

We had a chance to catch the Aeros game with some friends for Ryan's birthday party.
The Aeros lost, but (according to Randy, whom I believe is correct), the score was:
Admirals     5
Aeros         2
Fans           1

That's right, folks!  The score was Admirals 4, Aeros 2.  The ref didn't see the puck go into the net, hit the top of the net and bounce back down outside of the goal.  We threw such a fit, yelling and booing, that they stopped play and reviewed the tape and awarded the goal to the Aeros.  The bad news is that it was answered with another Admiral goal within 10 seconds.  First goal I've ever scored in a minor league hockey game!

It was fun to be with old friends.  Elaine and I were marveling at the streak we're on seeing each other on a regular basis.  Looking forward to hanging with her again on Thursday this week for a play with the girls.  (Of course, I'll fill y'all in with pics and more!)

Tonight is date night.  I {heart} date night!  He's my fave.  Ever.  Just sayin'.

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