Thursday, April 21, 2011

More love!

Among {more} phone calls, texts, and wall posts from my sweet family and friends while I am recovering...

My mentor, Diana, picked me up and took me out to a matinee with popcorn and the works!  I hobbled in with crutches and was delighted to get to sit in the front row with the railing to prop my foot up on.

While we were out, {Meredith} dropped off a Feel Better Soon gift.  I am definitely without a doubt addicted to blackberries and was literally griping to Jeremy that we didn't have any the night before!  So, I was probably a leetle more excited about them than was probably necessary.  That is, until I tried the chocolate.  Someone took a little piece of heaven and wrapped it up in gold foil.  Apparently, she knew I had the crafting itch, so she included a fun DIY magazine, too, which only served to perpetuate that craving.

Karen (a.k.a. Mrs. B) brought us some homemade BBQ.  It was super tasty and very much appreciated after my outings to the doctor and movies.  Everyone sat in the living room and watched the American Idol results show with me, while I propped my poor swollen foot.

{Erin} was gonna bring us some things that sounded amazing, but didn't end up needing to because I had gotten my dates crossed and it was the same night as Justus' birthday party, to which Dominos Pizza was already promised.  The thought really does count!

On Monday, Meredith brought dinner, too.  Which was great!  Jeremy's only complaint was that she gave us too many delicious cookie pops.  He simply couldn't resist eating more than he meant to.  I couldn't either, for that matter!

My team at work sent me a lovely Wishing you a speedy recovery bouquet.

Had lunch with Diana on Monday and got to pick her brain.  She's a smart, funny, compassionate lady and I'm lucky to have her!

Lunch on the patio on Tuesday with {Ambre} at our fav fajita spot.  Love spending time with that girl!

{Gina} brought us a super healthy and yummy asian meal, too.  If you don't count the peanut butter cookies. ;)


  1. Love that! You are blessed to have a great circle of friends and I am blessed to have you in mine! BTW, you make me laugh too! I am simply a fan from the moment that I met you! You are like a mini-me! Yikes! I pray extra for that! Actually you are a genuine person and that is hard to come by! XOXO

  2. You have some great friends! Wish I was closer so I could have come and hung out with you. :)


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