Wednesday, April 13, 2011


When you can't carry anything anywhere that doesn't fit in your pockets...
When you can't even get a glass of water for yourself, unless you're gonna stand at the sink to drink it...
When your laptop dies at the most inopportune timing possible...
It's easy to get discouraged, but I stopped tonight and thought of ALL I have to be thankful for just in this one day. I'm blown away!

My friend, Ambre, coordinated meals for our family, so I haven't had to worry about cooking at all and Jeremy (who can cook!) has been more able to focus on the kids and me.

Another friend came by for a few hours to hang out with me today. I'm such a T-I-M-E girl that it was exactly what I needed!

Tons of "checkin' in" texts. Love them!

I'm a little old school... I like to talk on the phone. Christie called to chat on her way home from work. We do that a lot, anyways, I just especially appreciated it today.

Diana texted to see if I could hang out tomorrow. For someone who doesn't know me super well, she knows me super well. She said I need to get out of the house (yep), so she's gonna pick me up so we can catch a matinee tomorrow. Crutches, foot propped up and all... I'm looking forward to it!

Aubree brought brownies last night. Yum! Still yum today.

Karen called. She's bringing dinner tomorrow.

I had a nightmare last night. Jeremy was there to tuck me back in. Pain meds do weird things.

My boss, Nikki, checked in with me today, too.

I hobbled over to the table today and propped up my foot and got a little crafting on. So thankful that Jeremy was willing to pull out my supplies for me.

Appreciated the friends willing to help with boredom busters, like Words with Friends (Thanks, Wendy!)!

I am very blessed.

P.S. Jeremy is working on getting my laptop running again AND rescuing all the photos and documents frozen on the hard drive. If anyone can, he can!


  1. Boredom can get the best of any of us! Glad you'll be able to get out of the house for a little while tomorrow. I'm off tomorrow and me anytime to chat!

  2. It sounds like you are surrounded by lots of love! I love you all the way from the KS/MO border and I just started playing Words with Friends...I wanna play with you!!! Enjoy your day tomorrow dear friend!


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