Sunday, April 3, 2011

Wedding Madness {Part 1}


My little brother, Mike, married Brandi this weekend.  I took a whirlwind trip to Savannah, Georgia to be there to celebrate with the adorable couple.

For a wide variety of reasons (with which I won't bore you), my sister and I decided it was super important to be at Mike's wedding but it was going to have to a be a ridiculously short trip.  We bought tickets that arrived in Atlanta from Houston and Chicago within 2 minutes of each other Saturday morning and tickets that departed within 10 minutes of each other Sunday morning... add in a four hour drive from Atlanta to Savannah, sprinkle with the seasonings of "that's just how life rolls", and you have the recipe for wedding madness!

My flight was at 7:00am out of Houston Hobby (this is an important detail.  stay tuned.), so my RadioAlarm App woke me up with a little Oasis' Wonderwall at 3:30am.  Unfortunately, it's not so far off of my normal wake up time and fortunately, I was really excited about the trip, so I didn't have any trouble waking up.

I woke up to this pretty little surprise.  Apparently, doing dishes with my hot pink gloves would have been a better idea on Friday night.  Not to worry, I had the nail polish to repair it before I left...  (I even wore baggies on my hands in the shower to try to protect the others from chipping.  Whether or not that actually worked, I'm not sure, but I figured y'all would appreciate that tidbit of embarrassing trivia.)

My wedding clothes and accessories all ready to go. Notice the red shoes. They're new. I bought them Friday. Well, that's not exactly right. I found them on Thursday, but that store didn't have my size. I liked them and thought they would work, but wanted to check the color and style with my dress and purse before driving to another city to get my size. So I bought a 6 on Thursday, liked it and exchanged it for a 7 on Friday. I already own two other pairs of heels in this brand, so I simply swapped them at the store. While getting ready, I tried them on only to discover that they were too big!  My other two pairs are sling backs... that buckle made all the difference. Plan B, find another location in Georgia and pack some back up shoes, just in case. I got this.

I finished getting ready and packed.  I noted my really good hair day.  Time for my favorite part of the morning...

I {heart} my Keurig!

Time for a quick note to my kiddos... don't want to wake them at this hour.

The time I was ready to back out of the garage:
Also, the time I did not back over Justus' bike which was laid down just outside my garage door.  I bumped it, but didn't smoosh it.  I was relieved to say the least.

I arrived at the airport, found a close parking spot, no lines at security and made it to Atlanta with no trouble.  Jill and I found each other rather easily and the car rental was super speedy.  We were on our way!  After locating a Starbucks for refueling, we called the store to see if they'd have my red shoes in a 6 1/2.  It required a little backtracking through some heavy traffic, but the stop was well worth it.  I got my shoes and Jill was able to exchange her blazer for the size she really needed too.  Team Wedding Madness was winning!

Back on the road.
Back through the traffic.

We chatted and chatted and chatted.  Time with my sister is some of my favorite time!

We arrived in Savannah at 4ish.  My dad is awesome.  He saved us a parking spot on the street near his room, which he was letting us crash to get ready for the wedding.

But first, food.  It was a gorgeous, slightly windy day, so we walked down to The Distillery Pub for a super late lunch, then back to dad's room to primp.  Ceremony begins in T-minus one hour and fifteen minutes!

{to be continued}

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