Thursday, April 7, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

  • Pretty much the entire trip home from Savannah.  See Wedding Madness {Part 3}:  THE ONE WITH ALL THE PERIL AND TRAUMA.
  • The realization that I have no flats that I like (and certainly no dress flats for work!) and I'll be living in flats for the next four months after Monday's foot surgery.
  • I have been so tired this week that I've been in kind of a confused stupor.  It hasn't been pretty.  And I'm not even sure I can identify what's normal, what's awkward and what's awesome, as a result.

  • I saw an empty orange plastic bag laying at the bottom of the stairs and asked Justus what came in it.  He replied, "A phonebook.  I ripped it."  Yes, my son tears phonebooks when they come to my house.  I have no explanation for it, but I find it hilariously awesome!
  • My husband takes really really really really really really good care of me.

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