Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Couch Potato, but not by choice!

My foot surgery went well yesterday.

I'm stuck on the couch for a while now... Amazing how life can so quickly be reduced to the basics! Yesterday, the only thing on my agenda was sleep, sleep, and more sleep. The anesthesia made me sick, so I didn't eat anything, but a few saltines.

Jeremy has been taking such good care of me. He's the absolute best. I couldn't wait to see him after they moved me out of the recovery room yesterday. He wore his "Clark Kent blue" t-shirt yesterday, which seemed appropriate since he spent the day being my hero. The kids have both been super sweet and gentle. I slept most of the evening, but they sat quietly with me on the couch until bedtime. Justus kept telling me he felt badly for me. And Lexi snuggled up on my lap for a little while, too.

My sweet friend, Ambre, organized meals for us with our First Family (small group) and a couple of other friends. It's such a blessing to not worry about dinners for the next couple of weeks. My friends are even being accommodating with my request for healthier meals, since it's gonna be a while before I can really exercise. Very kind of them! Amber brought dinner and flowers last night. Ambre is expecting a new baby this fall. We chatted a bit about her gender reveal party that their families had this weekend with her hubby, who is serving in Iraq right now. Thanks to the wonders of Skype they could all share the moment together. It's a boy! I couldn't be happier for their precious family. We're all looking forward to having Chuck back home soon! It was great to see her and you should have heard the "mmmmmmmmmmm's" from the kitchen table. It sounded like that scene from What About Bob times three people!

My church family and friends sent me notes and messages throughout the day. Each one made me feel so loved and cared for! I'm truly blessed beyond what I deserve!


  1. So glad you have a loving community to bless you guys right now! Take it easy,s-i-l, and keep us updated!

  2. Glad everything went well and you are being a couch potato! :) It was sweet of the kids to keep you company last night. I bet everyone is taking good care of you. I bet they appreciate all the meals, too. :)

  3. Wish I could do something;))) call me if u need anything!!!!


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