Thursday, June 2, 2011

Aaron IRL (in real life!)

 This is my nephew, {Aaron}.

 Isn't he wonderful?

 He wore his special shirt.  Just for me!

He and my sister, Jill, came down from Chicago to celebrate babies and birthdays.  Aaron needed to meet the whole fam, so he took his first plane trip to Houston.  We were thrilled!

 And he met his cousin, Justus

 Big cousin.   Little cousin.

 We call them "Big Lexi" and "Aunt Jill" for a reason.  Two peas in a pod, these ones!

 Aaron was pretty fond of Uncle Jeremy.  And Uncle Jeremy was a heroic putter-the-baby-to-sleeper.

 We like to make him laugh.

And give him kisses.

 And he kisses back!
(meanwhile, Justus requests yet another app)

 Keepin' it real.  Cousin posse.

 We like to snuggle him.

 And smell him.  It's not weird.  Babies smell good.

 We like to give him hugs, too!  He's just so sweet.

Two peas.  Again.

Lexi wanted to get in on the cousin-holding.  And apparently, Aaron needed to be introduced to Arial.

"I love my baby cousin, Aaron!"

Lunch time!  Justus and Lexi both loved helping out with baby Aaron.

We're all so glad that we finally got to meet him!
And number one just got crossed off of my 50 Things in 365 Days list!

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  1. Oh my goodness! He is adorable!! I agree...babies do smell good. :) Are you sure Lexi belongs to you and not Jill? ;)


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