Tuesday, June 21, 2011


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This morning at 5:30am I sent off Jeremy and the Senior Mission Team to Honduras.  He is leading the trip~his final youth responsibility.  It's strange to see this chapter of our lives closing.

But I'm so proud of him and I know great things will happen there over the next 12 days!

The kids and I have a countdown going.

I'm pretty sure Lexi has no concept of twelve days and we've had two tearful bedtimes so far...
I'm hoping that crossing out the days will help her to understand. 

 Cannot wait!

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  1. When Megan was 2 1/2, her daddy was gone for 2 weeks. I made her a paper chain with a link for every day. She tore off a link every night and counted the ones left. That really helped. I also made a prayer calendar for Caleb (he was 5 1/2) with something to pray for daddy every day. Maybe those ideas will help?


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