Monday, June 20, 2011

Firehouse Fun

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Our friends are doing a series of playdates this summer.  My friends are super creative moms!

Meredith planned a trip to the local fire department...
since I'm at work during the day, my amazing nanny, Paige, took her and snapped a few photos for me.
Lexi~all ready for her Firehouse Fun Playdate in her "please wear a splash of red" shoes.

The firemen showed them around and let the kiddos see the trucks.

They even got to climb inside!  That's Lincoln & Lexi with Kate climbing up next to her.

And they got to see the ambulance, too!
Although, Paige said Lexi was a little scared of getting inside that one.  Reminds me of me in Girl Scouts, when I was a Daisy, and they were talking about first aid.  They were demonstrating how to wrap someone's hand.  I was completely unwilling to volunteer because I was absolutely convinced that they were going to have to hurt me first before they wrapped my hand!

Lexi and Paige posing...

Lexi and Paige, acting a little more like usual!

The firemen gave the kids fire hats...

...and stickers and coloring books!  Lex was pretty stoked about that!

The firemen were called out on an emergency, so the visit was cut just a little short.  But, they had a chance to get a photo of the whole crew!

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