Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rob Dob & Whit Dob's Backyard Wedding Celebration with our Kiddos

We had an absolutely stellar time at {Rob doB and Whitney's wedding}!

But it was a grown-ups-only occasion (maybe that's part of the reason we had so much fun!), so Justus and Lexi didn't get to celebrate with them.  And they are super special to our family, so we decided to have a mini-reception to celebrate with the kids.

Chocolate and Lemon Cake Balls

A special wedding card for Rob and Whitney from the kiddos
Vanilla Cake Balls!

It was a gorgeous day, so we spent a lot of time sitting and chatting on the patio.

These guys are tight.
That makes my heart happy.

Silly.  Yep, that's my kid.  And he really looks up to Rob.
 Lexi was delighted that Oliver (a.k.a. Ollie doB) came to visit.  I'm pretty sure she was mostly excited that he fits on her lap... well, sort of.

Handsome guys.

 Bella trying to see of Ollie doB could come and play.

JJ, Justus and Lexi started doing flips on the trampoline.  They were getting some serious height!!

And I have no explanation for this move that JJ performed, but flipping through all of these pictures on my camera was like a hilarious flipbook.  I hope you get half the effect here!

 Love him with my whole heart.

We love you, Rob and Whitney!

The next day, I got the cutest text from Whitney.  I just had to share!


  1. I think that is a brilliant idea! I've heard of lots of people having adult only weddings but wouldn't have thought of having something like this for the kids. I bet they liked this better than the wedding reception too.

  2. Aww...looks like a great time!


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