Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thursdays that feel like Fridays are the Best Kind!

I love Thursdays that feel like Fridays... especially when it's been a crazy nonstop week at work!  My shoulders are all tensed up from the stress here this week, which makes the weekend even more appealing.  The never-ending To Do List coupled with constant demands and interruptions is enough to make this girl feel like a zombie!

After work (as well as a little therapeutic run), I will be joining some of my co-workers to say fairwell to my friend, Dana #2 and her hubby, Adam, as they leave Houston for a new adventure in Colorado.  I'm a little sad, but excited for them!  We promised that the other would always remain Dana #2, so I'm good with that.

The boys have Rudolph rehearsal tonight.  My reindeer are too cute!

Tomorrow, there will be sleeping in and running and my favorite, date night.  This time it's a charity event for SEARCH Homeless Services Picnic in the Park.  This is a neat organization that I've had the privilege of  being involved with through the XYZ Network at Chevron.  They provide all different kinds of resources to Houston's homeless.  Did you know that 10,000 people are homeless in Houston on any given day?  That is an incredible and unacceptable number.

Saturday = another run.  Gotta prep for our Warrior Dash!  Yes, we are crazy.  I'm aware.  But we get one of these when we do it...
And who doesn't need a Warrior Helmet, tell me!?!

So, then maybe a friend is coming to have dinner and check out our new crib (of which I will post pictures of soon.  Promise!)  And also, we are going out for brunch, cause half-price is an excellent idea that I've been considering for two weeks.

Looking forward to more about the Simple Life in Bible Class on Sunday, Ronnie's sermon (as usual), and hosting First Family.  We're starting a new series on Love and Respect.  I've heard some good things!

Other than that, I'll be snuggling my babies and daydreaming with my handyman and maybe getting started on that Blessing Tree I've been dying to make.

And with that... let's get this party started.

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